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About Us

At MCI, we are passionately committed to growing our business responsibly. We embrace sustainability, recognizing the many ways it generates value for both our organisation and our clients.


Our sustainability approach is based on the concept of a balanced triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Our mission is to use sustainability as a catalyst to drive economic, social and environmental performance for MCI and our clients. In essence, we are proactively involved in creating a sustainable planet, fair society and growing economy.

Our sustainability strategy, policies and activities have been developed in line with the ten universal principles of the UN Global Compact and our progress is disclosed using the GRI G4 Reporting Framework in an independently verified Annual Sustainability Report.

Creating Value

Looking internally, our commitment to sustainability has made our organization more purpose driven, allowing us to attract and retain both talents and clients with a strong commitment to responsible business.

Now when it comes to our work, MCI’s pioneering and award winning Sustainability Consultancy helps our clients drive efficiency, accelerate innovation and enhance brand reputation. With over 600 high-profile environmental, social and governance (ESG) events managed to date and industry-wide recognition for our pioneering sustainable event management, ISO certification and sustainability reporting, we have become the world’s leading organiser of sustainable events and events about sustainability.

Read more in our dedicated sustainability website.