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Delving into the Bosch Brand Universe

The Challenge

The key objective of the Bosch Cordless Technology Summit was to demonstrate Bosch’s industry-leading position in the area of cordless technology and professional power tools.

MCI was tasked with designing and delivering an innovative two-day experience to create an emotional, hands-on experience of Bosch’s Blue product line that engaged both trade journalists and retailers and demonstrated the innovative prowess of Bosch Blue products.

The Solution

MCI designed a tactile journey through the Bosch Blue universe to immerse journalists and retailers in an authentic brand experience, with a holistic use of space leading attendees through three experiential areas: inform, test and explore.

Lasting Results

Journalists and retailers were blown away by the Bosch brand experience and left convinced that Bosch is one step ahead of its competitors.
Media coverage exceeded all expectations: Media Value: +188% (planned vs actual). Circulation +455% (planned vs actual).
Bosch was delighted with MCI’s solutions and the fact that visitors were able to experience just how far development had come in an engaging and innovative environment.

The Bosch Cordless Technology Summit went on to win the bronze award for the best European B2B Event at the EuBea Awards and four Galaxy awards in the categories of PR, Special Events Building & Construction, Product Awareness and Corporate Events.

"By creating a hands-on experience in a real-life setting, MCI helped us to prove the Bosch brand's innovative strength and the future viability of the Bosch Blue product line."

- Udo Hartmann, Bosch Team Leader Advertising & PR